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deviation in storage by devilspointytail


DD107 - Don't Make Me Beg by gussiejives
DD107 - Don't Make Me Beg
"You must be up for another round?  Please?  I need it, bad."

Erica lays on the dirty talk.  Some of it is real, but some of it's an act.  Her best clients tip.
DD106 - The Sex Whisperer by gussiejives
DD106 - The Sex Whisperer

Bors: Okay, Lyxie, so I brought you in on this one because I needed an expert on this kind of thing. I'm usually pretty good at tracking down this kind of magic, but this one seems to have eluded me.

Lyxandra: Can't or too lazy to?


Bors: ...maybe a little of the latter. It's gone on so long that I kinda got used to it. Either way, it's been bugging me. Why is everybody in the mansion so horny all the time?


Lyxandra: And if I found it, would you do something about it?


Bors: If it's emotionally manipulating people, for sure. If it's merely amplifying existing horniness, maybe.


Lyxandra: So what's in it for me?


Bors: A room in a mansion full of horny mutants and Outworlders.


Lyxandra: Hmm... You drive a hard bargain, Bors... Very well, I shall do it. But I will need three days, a private interview room, and full access to all rooms and any individuals who have entered the mansion since your first noticed it.


Bors: I don't think anybody's left the mansion since....


Lyxandra: Really?


Bors: Well, you know how unquenchable lust can be.


Lyxandra: That I do know.





Lyxandra: Knock knock!


Wolfsbane: *opens her bedroom door* Yes?


Lyxandra: Good afternoon, Miss...?


Wolfsbane: Sinclair. Rahne Sinclair. Who're...?


Lyxandra: Lyxandra, Lyxandra Vatris, Queen of the Ossinian Succubi. Here to investigate the excess libido in his residence.... May I take a look around?


Wolfsbane: Sure...


Lyxandra: *stands beside Wolfsbane and inhales deeply* Four on one gangbang. No more than 48 minutes ago. Completion on multiple body parts. Bors, St. John... and two individuals with identical scent.


Wolfsbane:  That would be Jaime, he can copy himself.


Lyxandra: An incredible gift. You are blessed to be intimate with such a being.  But that does not help me... I will need to inspect all sex-related devices and apparatuses, undergarments, overgarments and aphrodisiacs.


Wolfsbane:'re going to sniff my panties?


Lyxandra: Amongst other things. If you don't object....


Wolfsbane: Sure, it's just weird.


Lyxandra: When you've experienced the things I have, child, undergarment odours are a trifle.





Lyxandra: Bors, I am pleased to report I have confirmed the source of this increased sexual activity and I know who and what is behind it.


Bors: Excellent! Who is it?


Lyxandra: I shall reveal all when everyone is gathered together. Assemble everybody in the great hall.




Lyxandra: After careful and... exhaustive investigation... *smiles at Tabitha* I have determined exactly what triggered the horniness that has gripped this mansion.


Kitty Pryde: Who's the culprit?


Lyxandra: Why, the source of this outbreak is none other than... ROGUE!


Rogue: Wha-? What did ah do?


Lyxandra: What you did was only natural to you, as a young woman with a unique inability to come in intimate contact with others. While you have learned to control your powers now, you spent your teenage years growing up without that need... and you were afraid to approach anyone for fear of hurting them... until Bors gave you that option. Then you began the chain reaction.


Wanda: Chain reaction?


Lyxandra: That's right. Rahne's heat, Mileena's biology, Kitty's playful nature, Tabitha's... Tabitha-ness combined with the heat, the smells, the odd pheromone... and anybody with the slightest sense of lust had no barrier.  You're all guilty and all innocent.


Evie: So what you're saying is that there's nothing supernatural or sinister causing this.


Lyxandra: Nope. You're all just a horny bunch of people.


Bors: No wonder I couldn't sense anything. There was nothing unusual to sense.


Jade: A bit anti-climactic....




Lyxandra: Everyone up for an orgy?


Everyone: *nodding and murmured agreement*

DD105 - I Want It All by gussiejives
DD105 - I Want It All
Christina: Hey, guys, I'm going to go tag along with Morgan and Ute to go music shopping.  Gonna pick up the latest Big Wreck album.  Want to come, Sinj?

Sinj: Nah, you girls have fun.

Christina:  Okay, babe.  I'll probably be a few hours, grab dinner with 'em down there.

Sabine:  Catch ya later!

Bors:  Enjoy!

Christina:  Bye... *closes door*

Sabine: *smiles*


Sabine: HARDER!  *unf*  DEEPER!  Come on, Sinj, you can fuck my ass *oooh* harder than that!  *hah*  Gods, yes, I WANT IT ALL!

Sinj:  One *uhn*  harder ass fucking coming right up!  Yeah....

Bors: Mmm... like Sinj's big wolf dick in your ass, baby?

Sabine: As much as I adore yours in my sweet pussy, my love... OoOhhhhh...


Sabine:  *Hah hah* Oooh,.. have I ever told you how much I love you guys?

Bors: Oh, once or twice....

Sinj: It's still early, what do you guys want to do now?

Bors: I dunno, wanna watch a movie?

Sinj: I did like that movie we watched last night.

Sabine:  Oh, Highlander?

Sinj: Yeah, it was pretty badass.  Swords, Queen, Sean Connery... there can only be one!

Sabine:  *grins evilly*  You know... they made a sequel....

Sinj: A sequel?  How does that work?  Didn't McLeod kill the last immortal and claim the Prize?

Sabine:  Why don't we watch it and find out?

Sinj:  Okay.

Bors:  Uh, Sabby, can we have a bit of a chat....  *pulls Sabine out to the hallway*  Sabby, are you sure you want to subject St. John to Highlander II?  Its use in wartime is considered a violation of the Geneva Convention and is the leading cause of cancer in laboratory rats.

Sabine: You should have thought of that before you made ME watch it.  Misery loves company, doesn't it?

Bors:  Okay, but this was your idea.

Sabine:  *gets on radiation suit and drags box out of the closet marked RADIOACTIVE/BIOHAZARD/DO NOT WANT*  Let's see... The Happening... Last Airbender... Pearl Harbor.... Death To Smoochy?  That movie was misunderstood genius... Twilight Series... ah, here we go... Highlander II: The Quickening.... *pulls out tongs and picks out the DVD*


Christina: Okay, Sinjie, let's rock out with your cock out...

Sinj: *curled up in the fetal position on the bed*  I'm Connor MacLeod... of the Zeist MacLeods... aliens... ozone layer... Michael Ironside.....

Christina:  SABINAAAA!
Well, it's finally here:

The Ruferus Saga: The Polarization

For those who want to know the inside story on all the funky characters that run around this site, their first full-length story is now available on SmashWords for only $4.99.

Give it a download, and a big thank you to all who read it! :)
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I am going to return for a limited engagement.
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:lol: Okay, this is my annual visit. Hope you are doing well.
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