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DD103 - Sealed With A Kiss by gussiejives
DD103 - Sealed With A Kiss
Erica:  *sigh* I am just exhausted... some guys just don't want to leave.

Nick:  Give 'em a break, some of those sad sacks don't have much else.

Erica: I hate to say it, but that's probably true.  Regardless, they keep us from starving.

Nick: Want me to sweep up?

Erica: It's okay, Nicky, you can clean up tomorrow morning before opening.  I'm beat....

Nick: Just relax, boss... I can give you a nice massage before bed.

Erica: You know exactly how to make me feel good, Nicky.  Come over here and kiss me before you get to the rubbing....
DD101 - Fin by gussiejives
DD101 - Fin
Sabine:  *hah* *hah*  Mmmm... wonderful.... <3

Bors: Ooooh... I love the way your ears turn back.

Sabine: I love the way you coat me, my love.

Bors:  You dirty girl....

Sabine: Don't you know it.  Now come clean me up....

Bors: With pleasure....
DD100 - #PornoGate III by gussiejives
DD100 - #PornoGate III
Ute: Thanks for the update, Trav. So it's online now? Rockin'. Thanks. *beep*

Christina: So?

Ute: Travis just updated the company website with my official #PornoGate response video, which is a five minute clip of me going through various day-to-day activities while a dudebro follows me around hurling actual comments you've received at me. Here it is. *click*

Dudebro on video: You fucking whore! You should just slit your wrists and die already! How many dudes have you fucked, you filthy slut?!

Ute on video: *eating cereal* Nom nom nom.

Dudebro: You're everything wrong with porn journalism! You totally fucked your way to the top, you bitch!

Ute on video: *bouncing her head to the music as she listens to headphones on the train*

Christina: That's a pretty effective video.

Ute: Thank your husband. It was his idea. Wait 'til the ending, just before we're set to film an orgy scene, Ben and Devin totally make the dudebro piss his pants.

Christina: Hehe. I thank you for doing this, but can you be sure it'll work? From what I know of these guys, shame and self-awareness aren't traits that they have.

Ute: Fear not, Christy, I thought of that possibility. That's why I also had Travis set up a little lightning rod.

Christina: A lightning rod?

Ute: I had Travis set up a fake social media network of accounts for an erstwhile "social justice warrior" that sends out preprogrammed posts with benign feminist and anti-racist catechisms.

Christina: Great word choice!

Ute: Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Needless to say, we just have to load up the accounts of "Amanda Aduwe-Chang" with tweets about comic books and video games, and the swarm will find a new home and forget all about you. Mwahaha....

Christina: That's really clever, actually.

Ute: I'm craftier than I look. :P Either the video will shame 'em away, or whoever's left will go after our little dummy account. But I mean really, what kind of insecure man-child would get bent out of shape about video games, am I right?

Thanks everybody for following me on the last 100 daily doodles. Originally, it was my initiative to generate new sketch material to eventually finish, as well as to just stay active in arting, as I had a year or two with little production on my part. Having reached this milestone, I consider it a success.

I'm still thinking on accepting commissions for future Daily Doodles, or maybe implementing YCH sketches for future doodles. If you'd be in to either of those, let me know in the comments section.

I'm looking forward to another 100 days of doodles.  Keep it real, yo!
DD99 - #PornoGate II by gussiejives
DD99 - #PornoGate II

Christina: Mmph... *slurp* Ah.

St. John: Feel better?

Christina: Not really. Not even a threesome with my best buds can cheer me up. The hashtag blew up overnight. Entire articles and forums are devoted to completely destroying my professional life. God forbid they connect me to my creative writing...

Bors: Let's not catastrophisize this situation.

Christina: Just wait until Ute hears of this.

Ute: YOU! Christina: *ulp* Ute: I've been inundated with emails demanding my production studio cut all ties with you! Ben and Evie are still deleting all the spam!

Christina: It was one freakin' article!

Ute: Oh, I know. I don't blame you for this at all.

Christina: Whew...

Ute: Unfortunately, angry pathetic douchebags make up a significant chunk of the porn consuming public, and that is a tough demographic to sway. Yes, there is no anger quite like entitled male anger....

St. John: So what can we do to get 'em to leave Chris alone?

Ute: Hmm... We can't ignore them. We can't give in to them. We can't shame them. And we can't afford the plane tickets to show up at their houses and beat them up....

Bors: Which would be fun, but ultimately futile.

Ute: Correctamundo. No, these buggers subsist on righteous indignation, conspiracy, and not seeing their victim as a real person.

St. John: I have a cunning plan.

Ute: Yes, I haven't forgot your last cunning plan to use the lawnmower for fur grooming, but do go on.

St. John: But this is a really good one! We *whisperwhisperwhisper* then we *whisperwhisperwhisper*

Christina: Why are you whispering?

 St. John: I don't know.


Will St. John's plan save Christina from the wrath of assholes with too much time on their hands work? Will it include a lawnmower? Will we ever figure out what made everybody so horny? Seriously, I’m not sure how much longer Wolfsbane can take it.  Seriously, Bors, get on that before she explodes.


Tune in tomorrow for DD100 and find out in the thrilling conclusion to #PornoGate!

Well, it's finally here:

The Ruferus Saga: The Polarization

For those who want to know the inside story on all the funky characters that run around this site, their first full-length story is now available on SmashWords for only $4.99.

Give it a download, and a big thank you to all who read it! :)
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Gussie Q. Jives
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I'm a Toronto-based artist who has a penchant for furry/anthro artwork and spins yarns about a group of sexually-charged demigods with way too much time on their hands.



I am going to return for a limited engagement.
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:lol: Okay, this is my annual visit. Hope you are doing well.
Thu Jul 15, 2010, 8:27 PM
hoho you like the Hip!
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