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DD228 - Cute Kittie by gussiejives
DD228 - Cute Kittie
Hmm...  Kittie Feline is looking seductive tonight.  Is it for Davis or is it for Lorelei?  Or is it for Amanda?  It's hard to keep track of her crazy relationships... apparently she doesn't think much of the menfolk.

But she's still a cutie. :D  And gonna get it on with somebody.

Kittie Feline belongs to Amanda Payne/Ayzewi
DD227 - Mandi's Back by gussiejives
DD227 - Mandi's Back
Longtime followers of me will remember that I once drew a picture of Mandi here called "The Last Sapien."  Welp, Mandi's back and in the buff this time. 

Hope I got the tattoos right, 'manda! :) I must draw some of her male characters naked.  Starting with that delightful Kilbourne.... :P

Amanda belongs to Amanda Payne/Ayzewi
DD226 - Sasha's Binjie by gussiejives
DD226 - Sasha's Binjie
Bors: You invited Sasha over for a what?

St. John: A binjie.

Bors: The fuck is a "binjie"?

St. John: Well it's one of those um... those things... you know... where you put two words together....

Bors: A portmanteau?

St. John: Yeah, a port van toe.  It's "Bors" and "Sinjie" put together.  It's my new word for a threesome involving you and me.

Bors: St. John, that's the stupidest thing I've heard in my life.

St. John: You sure?  I'm sure I've said stupider things.

Bors: St. John, I once spoke to Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre to discuss how he came up with the word "assassination". I don't think "binjie" really measures up.

St. John: Who in the what what?

Bors:  Ugh, never mind, let's just get this binjie underway.  Dammit, now I'm using it...


Sasha: Mmm... binjie....

St. John: See, told you it'd catch on.

Bors: :|

Sasha belongs to trigger12
DD225 - Simple Pleasures by gussiejives
DD225 - Simple Pleasures
Sabine: *hah hah*

Elunder:  *hah* Whoo...

Galdor: ...

Sabine:  *hah*  Life is all about the simple pleasures, ain't they, boys?

Elundur: Ohhhh yeah....

Galdor: I can think of a couple more complicated pleasures...

Sabine:  Oh, you silver tongued devil... I'm about ready for round two, so why don't you boys get working on my little kitty....

Elundur: Yes, ma'am!

Sabine:  Simple pleasures... right, Borsie?

Bors:  Simple pleasures...

Eriniya and Valriel: *slurp slurp*
DD224 - Strike A Pose by gussiejives
DD224 - Strike A Pose
Ute: "Oh, yeah, Izzy... now play it coy... this is the first time your boyfriend has seen you naked and you want to be sexy, but cute... perfect!  Now strike that pose and hold it...."

Isabella: "Um, Ute?"

Ute: "...hold it...."

Isabella: "Ute?  Wellish not first language... but um... do you not need camera?"

Ute:  "Camera?"

Jutta: *slurp*  "Hmm... camera?"
Well, it's finally here:

The Ruferus Saga: The Polarization

For those who want to know the inside story on all the funky characters that run around this site, their first full-length story is now available on SmashWords for only $4.99.

Give it a download, and a big thank you to all who read it! :)
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I am going to return for a limited engagement.
Mon Jul 19, 2010, 3:09 AM
:lol: Okay, this is my annual visit. Hope you are doing well.
Thu Jul 15, 2010, 8:27 PM
hoho you like the Hip!
Sat Jan 2, 2010, 4:55 PM
Fri Jul 10, 2009, 9:13 AM
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