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DD99 - #PornoGate II by gussiejives
DD99 - #PornoGate II

Christina: Mmph... *slurp* Ah.

St. John: Feel better?

Christina: Not really. Not even a threesome with my best buds can cheer me up. The hashtag blew up overnight. Entire articles and forums are devoted to completely destroying my professional life. God forbid they connect me to my creative writing...

Bors: Let's not catastrophisize this situation.

Christina: Just wait until Ute hears of this.

Ute: YOU! Christina: *ulp* Ute: I've been inundated with emails demanding my production studio cut all ties with you! Ben and Evie are still deleting all the spam!

Christina: It was one freakin' article!

Ute: Oh, I know. I don't blame you for this at all.

Christina: Whew...

Ute: Unfortunately, angry pathetic douchebags make up a significant chunk of the porn consuming public, and that is a tough demographic to sway. Yes, there is no anger quite like entitled male anger....

St. John: So what can we do to get 'em to leave Chris alone?

Ute: Hmm... We can't ignore them. We can't give in to them. We can't shame them. And we can't afford the plane tickets to show up at their houses and beat them up....

Bors: Which would be fun, but ultimately futile.

Ute: Correctamundo. No, these buggers subsist on righteous indignation, conspiracy, and not seeing their victim as a real person.

St. John: I have a cunning plan.

Ute: Yes, I haven't forgot your last cunning plan to use the lawnmower for fur grooming, but do go on.

St. John: But this is a really good one! We *whisperwhisperwhisper* then we *whisperwhisperwhisper*

Christina: Why are you whispering?

 St. John: I don't know.


Will St. John's plan save Christina from the wrath of assholes with too much time on their hands work? Will it include a lawnmower? Will we ever figure out what made everybody so horny? Seriously, I’m not sure how much longer Wolfsbane can take it.  Seriously, Bors, get on that before she explodes.


Tune in tomorrow for DD100 and find out in the thrilling conclusion to #PornoGate!

DD98 - #PornoGate by gussiejives
DD98 - #PornoGate
Christina: I think that's all the questions I had, Dale, thanks a lot for sitting down to chat with me today.

Travis: Oh, it was nothing, Ms. MacIntyre.  And call me Travis.  We're hardly strangers.

Christina: I know, it just puts me in the right mindset to write the article.  Gotta stay professional, you know how it is.  But you can certainly call me Chris.

Travis:  Heh, "Chris" it is.  So, how's Ute been?  We haven't done a scene together in a while.

Christina: She's been concentrating a bit more on the cam stuff, you know?

Travis: I figured.  I hope she doesn't plan on leaving the video stuff entirely.

Christina: She's not.  I figure once she gets everything established in the cam business, she'll be back on screen with you in no time.

Travis: Hope so, I'm starting to get a little... antsy.

Christina:  Maybe I can help you out with that.  *wink*

Travis:  Oh ho ho, I'm guessing this is part of the "research" as well, eh?

Christina:  Two birds, one stone.

Travis:  I'm always up for it.  *strips down naked*

Christina:  And I'm always amazed when I see that thing... *walks over to Travis and begins making out with him*


Christina:  Bingo!  Posted to the ol' blog and cross-posted to Tweeter...

St. John:  Hey babe! Article's done?

Christina:  Hot off the press!  Just set up my cross-posting plugins and it should be up on my Tweeter, Goggle+ and FaceBrook pages.

St. John:  Ah-ha... and you put that bit in about your "personal" interview? *snicker*

Christina:  Hehe, yeah, I made an observation or two, and of course, I cited that he's a friend of mine.

St. John:  Makes sense.  So, wanna bang out a few levels of ol' D3?

Christina:  Oh, for sure!


Bors:  Hmm... *tunes high E string* This tuning app really blows.

Christina:  Bors, I need a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer.

Bors: Sure, they're in the armoury.  What's up?

Christina:  Oh, a group of internet trolls decided I was a threat to the ethics of porn journalism and created an internet campaign to harass me out of the writing business.  I figured it's easiest to just change the house numbers.

Bors:  Okay.  *tunes G string*  Dodedodedo....



Bors:  O.O  *closes tuning app and opens Tweeter*  #PornoGate????? 2 million tweets????!!!!  Ohhhh crap....
DD97 - Your Taste by gussiejives
DD97 - Your Taste
Slipping down her panties and stepping out from the discarded undergarment, Morgan climbed onto the bed and knelt across from her wife.  She looked into Ute's eyes and bashfully cast them down to the bedsheets.  Morgan couldn't hide the bright red that flushed her cheeks beneath her ash grey fur. 

Ute crawled close and placed a hand under Morgan's chin.  "So pretty," she whispered.  Brushing Morgan's hair away from her eyes, Ute traced a finger over Morgan's facial scar. Even after all of these years together, years of passion, and of love, her self-conscious habits would express themselves.  She let her hands roam down Morgan's body, along her neck, over her collar, then down her soft breasts.  She let a finger linger on her nipples, before sliding her hands down to Morgan's waist.  She gently pulled Morgan in close and kissed her, letting her studded tongue snake around her wife's.  Morgan inhaled deeply.  Ute was wearing the perfume Morgan loved; the sharp scent of absinthe and roses never failed to excite her.  She leaned into the wet kiss, nipping at Ute's lower lip until Ute pulled away, a trail of saliva connecting the two lovers' tongues.

"Let's make love first, then fuck hard the rest of the night," Ute rasped.

Morgan smiled, a devious curl creeping into her lips.  "I love your taste."
DD96 - Spot by gussiejives
DD96 - Spot
Domino: *slurp slurp*

Travis: You're very nice, uh... ma'am.  Thank you for waking me up before putting a bullet in my head... and giving me head, Ms. Domino.

Domino: *click* You will refer to me as Ms. Thurman.

Travis:  Okay, okay!  Just don't shoot me.

Domino: That's right, kid, you're going to be the one shooting me.  *slorp*
DD95 - Friendly Mare by gussiejives
DD95 - Friendly Mare
Christina: Nobody almost breaks my husband's pelvis and gets away with it!  Come on, Sinjie, we gotta talk to those horse whores!

St. John: I don't think they're actually hookers, I think they just film pornography...

Christina: Whatever!  Just get out there and find them!  *spots Ute and Jutta chatting in the hallway*

Ute:  Yeah, I remember the first time taking on Devin... he was a mouthful.

Jutta: Ja, das stimmt.

Christina: *points at Jutta*  YOU!

Jutta: o.o

Christina: Your friends Evie and Jordana raped my husband and almost broke his pelvis!

St. John: Wait, wha--?

Ute: Speaking as somebody who WAS actually raped, you can appreciate that I'm a little skeptical that my friends did that.

St. John: It wasn't rape, babe.  I did say "yes."

Christina: Why did you say yes if your pelvis was so sore?

St. John: You can't say "no" to those titties, babe.  They're just so... delicious.... *drools*

Christina: -.-  I'm standing right here, Sinjie.

St. John: Oh, right... so, yeah, just let Jordana and Evie know to take it a little easier on me.

Jutta: Keine probleme, St. John.  I was actually just getting ready to have a little orgy with Esteban and Jonas.  I could use a third.

St. John: CanIcanIcanI???

Christina: Oh go ahead, you big lug.

St. John:  Eeee!

Christina:  I will be joining in too, though.  Mmm... two stallions and a wolf sounds yummy. =P
Well, it's finally here:

The Ruferus Saga: The Polarization

For those who want to know the inside story on all the funky characters that run around this site, their first full-length story is now available on SmashWords for only $4.99.

Give it a download, and a big thank you to all who read it! :)
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I am going to return for a limited engagement.
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